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Using AI to Write Math

Unfortunately (or perhaps, fortunately), we are still far from the days where we can ask a computer to write proofs for us. However, there are tools available today that can concretely assist with writing mathematics.

I made a video on the topic, with blog post below.

While I left research mathematics some time ago, I still find myself typing up some math from time to time. For me this has become a bit easier with Github Copilot.

I am now VSCode as my text editor to write LaTex. VSCode is a free and powerful IDE used by millions of software engineers. With it, one can access GitHub Copilot (for $100/year).

GitHub Copilot saves quite a bit of time in Latexing. Let’s see it in action suggesting useful LaTex code for a matrix.

The lighter text “\begin{pmatrix}” is what is suggested by Github Copilot. You can simply hit tab to accept the suggestion or keep typing to reject it. Let’s keep accepting:

This eventually gives the final result.

As you can see it quite accurately gives the LaTex code for a matrix, and only takes about 3 seconds real-time to do so.

Funny enough, it suggests some non-sense afterwards, about A having integer entries and some other things.

Vscode has a lot of flexibility in itself. There are many extensions that are useful. For instance, to work with latex, you’ll at the very least need a latex and pdf viewer extension. There is also git integration, which allows you to store your work remotely with the click of a couple of buttons.

Another reason to get familiar with VSCode is that it is a powerful tool for programming. That way, if you do every need to do some programming, you will already have a leg up on getting started!

I started a YouTube Channel

My First Video

I am happy to announce that I just posted my first video to a new YouTube Channel. The result is an interview with Xavier Garcia about how Chat GPT works.

What’s Next?

I’ll continue to post videos surrounding Machine Learning, Data Science, and perhaps elsewhere. I plan to do more interviews, individual videos about relevant topics, as well as some educational material.

The Process

I was already meeting with Xavier regularly to discuss Machine Learning topics, and so I thought to myself that other people might benefit from our discussions.

Our discussion for the video was perhaps a bit altered than the usual, as we were a bit less likely to say things “off the cuff.” I’ll be looking to make this easier going forward, as I think a lot of valuable insight lie here.

There was/is a learning curve in making videos, and I’ll definitely be looking to improve the quality as time goes forward. From zero to published video took a couple months (of course not doing this full time). Also, I got lucky and found a very helpful video editor which made things a lot easier. Things like sound quality, video quality, and lighting are not things I’ve had to worry about too much in the past. I didn’t invest too much in equipment, just trying to make use of what I had.